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LIfe Managers for Mental Wellness, Yoga, Spa, A private retreat setting!

Private mental wellness retreat for women, Mooresville NC

Life seem to be taking you down the same old circular path? Should you earn an Oscar for your daily performance with co-workers, friends and family? Feel alone constantly? Tired of feeling disappointed? Do you have relationship wear and tear? Too many losses? We Provide Programs for Grief and Loss, Individuals coping with other's Addictions, Relationship Codependencies, and coping with Negative pressures of a high volume career. We are intentionally small, and definitively private. Whether you work out of your kitchen , or keep an office on Madison Avenue, our focus is to find what’s missing, and get you back on your game. With our multi staff integrative approach, we are in the business of restructuring lives.


You are invited to a Private LIFE MANAGERS retreat. We Specialize in coping with different types of loss; Relationship and Grief, Corporate Wellness, 

Higher volume stress.  Privacy. Where you can unwind, leave your life behind, and be who YOU need to be.  We are a specialty retreat, designed with purposeful small attendance in mind.  We want to pamper and offer a very unique environment.  We are not a commercial or clinical  venue. 

 3 sessions of Private and Open Round Table Seminars daily. 

For those of you who have been pushing yourself too far for too long.   We get it.  We can help you catch a space to self reintegrate. 


Retreats designed around rejuvenation & spa atmosphere.  Pricing includes: lodging, food (B,L,D),  dessert, 24 hour beverage / snack bar, daily housekeeping, massage, facial or yoga, meditation, Life Management Mental Wellness. Private and round-tables each day. Maximum capacity of 3 per Retreat.   

Focus on restoration and reconnection for single visitor to join in.


Reconnect with your soul in nature; porches and walking trail, high speed internet, televisions in all rooms, 24 hr snack bar.  Benches to read and grab some sun or shade.  Enjoy a Campfire in the evening.


Coping with Change?

Does it feel like you walk through your life on auto pilot?  Doing just  enough to get by, but feel a bit disconnected?  Life can get  complicated, quickly.  Sometimes you just need a better answer.  With an  integrative model, it’s easier to put a smarter foundation under you.   Or you can just listen to your family’s opinions.  If you are like most,  they are not always the best in the “getting it" Department, We Do!

Exercise Room and Spa

Spa Room Private

On Site:  Private Yoga/ Meditation/ Fitness Instructor.  Massage or Facial  is also included in our packages. The exercise room has a treadmill, barre, yoga mats fitness ball, and light weights are available.

Walking Trails

Have Questions?

Are you willing to take 6 to 13 days for yourself to gain some clarity?   If so,  The Retreat is an environment that will help you understand yourself  better, find an inner calm space, and understand not only how you relate  to yourself, but also identifying your role in life.  For once, it’s  time to put you first.  Now that’s different!  


 Call us at 704-787-4272   Or our text only number is 810-614-2821 

Retreat and Spa Features


All Inclusive

     Queen beds Private and shared rooms.

  • Bathrooms are semi-private (shared).
  • Wi-Fi Internet Service (available throughout)
  • Cable Television in common areas and guest rooms.
  • 24 hr. Attendant Service
  • Rooms are cleaned and serviced daily.
  • 24 hr. coffee/tea/juice and snack bar
  • Lounge, decks/porches, multiple relaxation areas (secluded)
  • 3 Homemade meals per day prepared on-site.
  • Concierge: shuttle to/from airport
  • Individual and small group of four max format throughout your stay.
  • Choice of activities. Yoga, Meditation,  Massage, Pedicure or Facial.
  • Groomed walking trails.



  • Mentoring Wellness Sessions Private.
  • Health and Diet Sessions
  • For complete anonymity, you may purchase the entire retreat for yourself  at an extra cost.
  • Extra massages and spa services are provided at an additional cost.

Come Stay to find your face, reboot, revive, and connect!


Life's  relevant issues:

  • Reinventing the Wheel
  • “I Hate Change”
  • Professional School Stressors
  • Relationship Complexities
  • Mid-life Grief
  • “Don’t anyone ask me for another thing!”
  • “How could I possibly be related to these people?”
  • “I think I need a life”
  • “I thought my degree would get me somewhere”
  • “I feel like I lost my purpose”

Dates Available for Winter and Spring

Check-in 6 Day Monday 3PM thru Saturday @12PM noon.    All inclusive.  We will mix Women single attendees to join a group, unless the retreat is fully contracted for a group of 4. 

Privacy is assured. 

The retreat is not open to outside public, tours. or visitors,  other than the scheduled clients. 



Exit Interview Quotes

 When life throws you lemonS,  this retreat helps you make the lemonade . APR  provided the feel I needed and the self-affirmation I  lacked.  I highly recommend. I will most likely return. 


 I’m excited I have an answer in a direction to go now !  I think that’s called hope ! 

I’ve  spent years online searching for the answers.  That answer came when I  saw APR Ad. Something told me to book it ASAP.  I  did.  So glad I did. 


 APR is and amazing retreat to go to if you need help to carry On!

APR is our compass pointing us in the right direction — or putting us  back on course.  This is the best thing I have ever done for myself! 


APR offers  strategic Life Management  during your stay that is able to  focus and attend to your needs using a multi-level paradigm.  We have  created seminars to draw together persons with specific backgrounds or  interests thru the seminar topic.  Seminar size is capped to four women,  to provide a semi-private exclusive experience.  APR also offers a  totally private 6 day retreat for persons requiring complete anonymity  and privacy.

With the primary emphasis on you, APR also offers a unique visual and  culinary experience in a beautiful environment on 3 acres with walking  trails, outdoor sitting areas.

APR offers several  activities designed around different types of interests.  In between Life Manager  sessions, you may opt for Yoga, Meditation, facial, Pedicure or simply a  relaxing massage.  With our all-inclusive pricing, APR is committed to  producing a high quality coaching and healthy lifestyle experience. APR  does not accept insurance  and is not billable to any insurance. We are a private pay Mental  Wellness Retreat  only, Non Clinical..

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